Transaction types

Type Description
SA Sale authorization. Only for card transactions in auth+capture model. Capture is indicated with “S” type notification. Associated with Sale Authorization ID in PayLane system.
S Sale. Either card or Direct Debit. Associated with Sale ID in PayLane system.
R Refund. Multiple refunds for single sale may be performed. Associated with Refund ID in PayLane system.
RV Reversal. Direct Debit transactions-specific. Sale was reversed e.g. because funds were not available on charged account.
RRO Retrieval Request Open. Card transactions-specific. Request from bank for additional documents (sale proof). Unanswered retrieval requests in most cases result in chargeback being issued by the bank.
RRA Retrieval Request Answer. Indicates that answer for retrieval request was sent (either using Merchant Panel or through PayLane Support).
RRC Retrieval Request Closed. End of retrieval request procedure.
CB1O Chargeback 1 Open. Card transaction-specific. First chargeback was issued. Associated with Chargeback ID in PayLane system.
CB1RR Chargeback 1 Reject Request. Indicates that request for chargeback rejection was sent. Requests may be sent using Merchant Panel or through PayLane Support (must be accompanied with sale proof documents).
CB1RF Chargeback 1 Reject Fulfilled. Sent documents were accepted by the bank and chargeback was successfully rejected.
CB1RRC Chargeback 1 Reject Request Cancellation. Chargeback rejection (CB1RF) was issued due to technical error and is cancelled.
CB1R Chargeback 1 Reversal. Chargeback (CB1O) was issued due to technical error and is reversed.
CB1C Chargeback 1 Closed. Chargeback procedure is closed (chargeback expires). Closed chargebacks cannot be contested.
CB2O Chargeback 2 Open. Second chargeback. May be issued only if first chargeback procedure is closed and first chargeback was successfully rejected. Procedure is similar to first chargeback. Associated with Chargeback ID in PayLane system.
CB2RR Chargeback 2 Reject Request. See CB1RR.
CB2RF Chargeback 2 Reject Fulfilled. See CB1RF.
CB2RRC Chargeback 2 Reject Request Cancellation. See CB1RRC.
CB2R Chargeback 2 Reversal. See CB1R.
CB2C Chargeback 2 Closed. See CB1C. Closing second chargeback ends whole chargeback procedure.
CAD Compliance Arbitration Debit. Arbitration resulted in money returned to client. Treated similarly to chargeback in PayLane system and associated with Chargeback ID.
CAC Compliance Arbitration Credit. Issued after CAD. Arbitration resulted in money returned to merchant. Treated similarly to successful chargeback rejection in PayLane system.
PAO Pre-Arbitration or Pre-Compliance Open. Marks request for an arbitration which takes place before credit card company arbitral court. Such disputes can be initiated by merchant request in some especially difficult cases.
PAA Pre-Arbitration or Pre-Compliance Answer. Answer to previously made request for arbitration.
PAC Pre-Arbitration or Pre-Compliance Closed. End of Pre-Arbitration or Pre-Compliance phase.
AO Arbitration Open. Announces start of arbitration before credit card company court. Only if request for arbitration was accepted.
EOR End of Ruling. Closing of arbitral court hearing.
OD Objection Declined. Sent after RRA, CB1RR or CB2RR. Indicates that sent documents (for Retrieval Request or Chargeback Rejection) were not accepted. For retrieval request it usually means that chargeback will be issued, for chargebacks it means that chargeback stands.
C Cancellation. Notification from credit card issuer to merchant that no debit entries from the credit card in question will be accepted in the future.